Subeta Confessions: Please fix the wardrobe! :( ›


Dearest subeta,

Can you please hurry up and fix the wardrobe for those of us using the latest version of Firefox? I don’t think I should have to downgrade to an obsolete version of the most popular browser just to use the wardrobe. Not to mention the incompatibility with IE or the constant…

We don’t have any control over what changes Firefox makes to its browser. When those changes are javascript breaking changes that are not introduced to other browsers, it’s harder for us to deploy change. We love our firefox users and want to make sure the wardrobe works for them, but it’s a work in progress. 


Subeta Confessions: Custom Items vs Official Items ›


I love CWs. I really do. I own several, would own more if I could afford them. Having said that, I really dislike how few official Subeta items are released anymore. In the past week and a half we have had exactly 5 pair of gloves (and some revamps) 4 ice cream cones and 3 plushies. January has…

This isn’t really what is happening. I’m sure you’ve noticed, we released a new pet color in December that we’ve been working on, and we’re actually working a lot more on things like that. The cool thing is that custom items give us the chance to work on cool new things (like games!). 

I will just say that February is an important month for us, we’ve got a lot of exciting things planned ;).


Subeta Confessions: Release 1000 Fairies ›


I’m so annoyed at Subeta at the moment. They release a 1k achievement more than halfway through the month making it nearly impossible for those of us who don’t hoard things to get it. I was hoarding, but after I realized on the 10th nothing new was going to be coming out I sold them off.


1. The chances of finding Fairies around the site have not been lowered. You still have the same chance of finding them anywhere on the site.

2. We do not anticipate most people finishing the 1,000 achievement right now. This achievement is available all year long, and like usual, around July the prices of the Fairies hit rock bottom (even moreso than now) and that is when we imagine most users will get this achievement. 

Achievements with special prizes, like titles and layouts are supposed to be hard and somewhat tiring to get. 

I do hope that everyone gets a chance to earn this achievement, it’s one of my favorites!